Power Lab, previously know as Cadence Cycling in Bryanston started with the realization that training with power made perfect sense and nobody was really taking advantage of this fact. A studio with bikes with power meters provided an ideal environment to accurately test cyclists and then control intensity during training to stimulate rapid performance improvements.

Cadence Cyclings first studio opened in Hillcrest in April 2010. Cycling is a small community, word spreads, and with several branches now operating nationwide, all within three years, this growth speaks for itself. For all cyclists, from beginner to podium seekers, training at Power Lab / Cadence Cycling will get you fitter, faster, than any other form of training.

Herewith a little more information about us and what we do:
The function is to build speed, endurance, climbing ability – more power. The main key here is oxygen and how to deliver more of it from the air into the lungs into the legs. Then how to use the delivered oxygen to produce power. The bigger this capacity, the faster you go!

We look at the leg muscles, respiratory muscles, heart and lungs to be independently trainable systems. It is this physiology that guides training, so session design is all in-house, we don’t redistribute other people’s plans and can answer for the functional thought process for every interval.

We focus on independently trainable systems has evolved into a unique approach to training. Sessions are challenging but fair, and results in personal bests each week.


Who we are and what we all about..
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